Supporting the developing immune response

Science of IRX-2Regimen

Regimen: IRX-2 is given with other medications believed to support the immune response

IRX-2 is not given alone. Instead, it is given as part of regimens containing additional pharmacologic agents that can support the promotion of an anticancer immune response. One regimen (the IRX-2 Neoadjuvant Regimen) is given before curative surgery, and another (the IRX-2 Booster Regimen) is given after surgery.

The components of each regimen are the same, except for differences in administration timing and location, as well as treatment duration.

The additional components of the IRX-2 regimen are low-dose cyclophosphamide, indomethacin, zinc-containing multivitamins, and omeprazole. Like IRX-2, these additional medications are not part of the standard treatment given to patients with cancer. However, it is believed they may be beneficial in supporting IRX-2 in the promotion of an anticancer immune response and in minimizing possible side effects of other components of the regimen.

Additional Pharmacologic Components in the IRX‑2 Regimens

Component Dosage Rationale for Use
Low-dose cyclophosphamide 300 mg/m2 IV (single dose) Noncytotoxic dose inhibits T regulatory cells that suppress immune function
Indomethacin 25 mg TID orally Reverses local immune suppression by prostaglandins
Zinc-containing multivitamin 1 tablet daily orally Reduces nutrition-related immunosuppression
Omeprazole 20 mg daily orally Protects stomach against erosive effects of indomethacin

IV, intravenous; TID, three times a day.